A Joyful Path, Children’s Curriculum, Year 2!

We’ve had a lot of inquiries lately into when the second year of A Joyful Path, from our Inner Wisdom Series, is coming out.  A Joyful Path has been met with such enthusiasm that we see now how vitally important to our vision this spiritual curriculum project really is.  Wanting to be good stewards of the financial support we receive from our affiliates, we have waited to begin work on Year Two until we were certain that we could finish the project.  We are pleased to announce that, thanks to a recent, generous donation, we are now ready to begin!  We are committed to continuing the high level of scholarship, creativity, and quality found in A Joyful Path, so we are not expecting to have Year Two ready until Spring of 2013.

We also have even more good news! We have been given an amazing opportunity! Our donor has agreed to match your donation up to $25,000! That means when you donate, your donation is doubled.

Help us raise the amount we need to be able to complete this project by donating today!

Keep in mind, however, that this does not mean that you are without resources for this next year.  Children love repetition — think about their tireless requests to hear the same book read over and over and over again!  So, even if you have walked completely through Year One, we feel you can reuse this curriculum again a second year with confidence.  These stories are so engaging, the activities so memorable, and the prayers, meditations and affirmations are so relevant to their lives that children will love to revisit each lesson.  You might find your class even more excited this second time around because there will be a comfortable familiarity with the structure of the class time, as well as the content — a happy space in which children thrive and their creativity soars.

Also, you may have children that are new to the age group while others have moved onto an older class.  Plus, each lesson is so rich with material that it is very likely you may not have gotten to use every part of each lesson.  Consider re-visiting A Joyful Path with your class—we know it will be another meaningful experience for you and the children. While you are at it, you may want to add to your resources by checking out the children’s books we have in our store.

In A Joyful Path, Year 2, we plan to focus on some of the main tenets of Progressive Christianity and Spirituality, giving our children the foundation they need to understand the basics of this path, to clarify their own personal beliefs and be able to discuss those with others, while at the same time showing what it means to walk the path of Jesus in today’s world.

Thank you for leading this next generation of sensitive Spiritual seekers — with your lives and your example.  We are proud to be partnering with each of you!

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