Rowan Williams urges speedy solution to row over women bishops

Archbishop of Canterbury warns part of General Synod issue will be shelved until 2015 if legislation is not passed in initial vote

The Archbishop of Canterbury has said the Church of England needs to proceed “as speedily as we can” to resolve the dispute over women bishops, warning part of the General Synod that if the legislation is not passed on Friday in a preliminary vote it will be effectively shelved until 2015.

Speaking in York at the beginning of a potentially historic gathering of the church’s legislative body, Rowan Williams said he was very keen to see female bishops, but also sufficient provision for those who remain strongly opposed to the idea.

“Like the majority of the members of synod, and the majority of members of the Church of England, I am very firmly of the view that we need to proceed as speedily as we can to resolve this question because I, like most of you, long to see women bishops in the Church of England,” he said.

For the rest of the story, head to the Guardian.


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