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Worship Materials: An Inclusive Christmas Celebration

On the theme: The Tree, The Carol, the Child

Christmas is a time to move into the world of
images and dreams, a time to allow the ‘make
believe’ happen. Let us be still and reflective.

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What Child Is This? The Reason For The Season

What can we learn from the Christmas story? I believe that just as Jesus seemed to be aware of the Divine Spark (or Christ) presence within him, which allowed him to love almost unreservedly and break boundaries, so too we are invited to see this Divine Spark within ourselves. God is literally with us. And isn’t this what we need in today’s world, where we see atrocities and tragedies such as the ones I listed above? If each of us were to acknowledge our inner divinity, and then recognize our neighbour’s inner divinity – regardless of their religious beliefs or non-beliefs – would we then see larger stepping stones toward global peace?

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Venture Out – with Alan Watts

If you awaken from this illusion and you understand that black implies white, self implies other, life implies death (or shall I say death implies life?), you can feel yourself – not as a stranger in the world, not as something here unprobational, not as something that has arrived here by fluke – but you can begin to feel your own existence as absolutely fundamental.

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When we discern Earth’s fractured face

From the Boundless Life collection

When we discern Earth’s fractured face,
When parts diverge to form extremes,
Can joining hands suffice to build
A world fulfilling Gospel dreams?

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Did Jesus and King David know “The Secret”?

A few years back a book called The Secret took the world by storm, and it is still prominently displayed on the shelves of most bookstores today. The message of the book was to invoke the laws of attraction and intention to attain a life and circumstances that we desired. And because of its popularity I was compelled to grab a copy to see what all the hype was about. I wondered how a book could really promise those kinds of results, and why so many people were swearing by its results. And then it hit me that the best selling book of all time really isn’t all that different. And this got me to wondering if Jesus and King David may have been teaching us this same “secret” thousands of years prior?

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The Bloom TV at Beloved Festival

Through the ages, we have called upon the One for Whom we yearn in countless ways, through myriad names. The term, “The Beloved” embraces all of these names and forms of the Divine, affirming their Unity. Beloved is also a 4 day camping, art, and music festival on the Oregon Coast. We intend to present sacred music to help eradicate the illusion of separation from each other, from the earth and from The Beloved.

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Purify- Hope Medford- Music Video

“A Sensual Hip-notic journey of World beats infused with Maternal Soul…” ‘Purify’ is a powerful fresh sound of strong dance beats mixed with emotional layers and tapestries of percussion. The sound imbies influences from reggae to R n’ B – to tribal and street roots infused with an undeniable feminine essence.

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I’m a Gay Christian (sort of)

Well here’s the thing, I am part of a growing group of Christians who are very much the opposite of everything I just stated. I am part of a movement of Christians who are applying modern education and logic to reframe what it means to call ourselves “Christians.”

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Talking Circles

Talking Circles can be extremely healing as they invite us to slow down, speak our deepest truth, and really listen to each other. The creation of a sacred container in which all voices are honored lets participants feel safe to express their truths freely.

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Church Without God


What will be the unifying principle behind this community? Is love and mutual support enough to hang it together? Will some distinctive message or activity or ritual be necessary to give the group an identity and a reason to continue gathering? The experiment is just getting started. The evidence and the conclusions are not in. Meanwhile, Bart’s experiment has the attention of secular humanists nationwide. He’s not a theist any more, but he’s not a normal atheist, either.

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Topics: Interfaith Issues & Dialogue. 8 Points: Point 2: Pluralism. Ages: Adult, Teen, and Young Adult. Resource Types: Articles and Interfaith.

Beloved Sacred Arts and Music Festival

Beloved is a 4 day camping sacred music and art festival on the Oregon Coast. The intention is to present sacred music to eradicate the illusion of separation from each other, from the earth and from The Beloved.

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Optimist- Zoe Keating- Music Video by Brian Thomson

This video was shot at the Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork, Utah. Their annual Festival of Colors was a great opportunity to test the slow-mo capabilities of my Cannon 7D. After hearing Zoe Keating perform this song in Portland, OR I was inspired to edit this footage to her beautiful music.

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