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Current Advertising Options

*All of the below include permanent inclusion in resources, events, or global network

We have a contact list of over 15,000.

We welcome over 40,000 visitors each month.

We are very selective about what kinds of advertisements we place on our site and only choose ones that are related to the progressive Christian movement.

Thank you for considering!


1) eBlast

(here is an example of an eBlast)



2) 1 month regular advertisement space on our resource pages.

(here is an example- see right side column)



3) 1 month featured ad space on home page.

(here is an example, see bottom of all three columns for current ads)



4) 3 month featured ad space

(see above)



5) 1 advertisement in an eBulletin (goes right into email boxes, higher open rates than the eBlast)

(here is an example of an ebulletin with ads)



6) eBlast + 1 month regular ad space

(see above for links)



7) eBlast + 1 month regular ad space + 1 eBulletin ad



8) featured ad space- home page center + eBlast



9) featured ad space- home page center + eblast + ebulletin



10) event ad space (on events page)



11) event ad space + eBlast



12) event ad space, featured ad space, eBlast or eBulletin



13) Partner Organizations

logo exchanges

curriculum retailers

exchange of links and income


14) Supporting Churches

$500 per year

Featured Logo space

Featured Listing

Study Guide and Welcome Poster


We look forward to partnering with you! Please email us with any questions!

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