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Speaking Out while Staying In

Preceded on Friday by a separate participatory workshop
led by Bob & Alice Evans of the Plowshares Institute, Hartford, CT
Empowering for Reconciliation
Goal: To develop the capacity of clergy and lay leaders
to be more effective agents of reconciliation in families,
congregations, church bodies and communities. 

Workshops including:
• Spirituality in a post-modern age
• Making media opportunities
• Pasifica Hip Hop is Good News
• Entering inter-faith dialogue
• Lesbian, gay, bisexual church
stayers and leavers
• Progressive ministry with children
• Progressive ministry with youth
• Politically progressive
• Being progressive in regressive
• Building and sustaining
progressive faith communities
• Progressive worship

Start: January 28, 2015
End: January 28, 2015
Location: St. Andrews on The Terrace Presbyterian Church
Wellington US
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