Gretta Vosper on “AMEN – What Prayer Can Mean in a World Beyond Belief”

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Gretta Vosper, founder of the Canadian Centre for Progressive Christianity and best selling author, will give a series of presentations on prayer and her newest book, AMEN: What Prayer Can Mean in a World Beyond Belief, on Friday and Saturday, October 11 and 12, 2013 at University Congregational United Church of Christ. Gretta is one of More Magazine’s Most Compelling Women in 2009. She is also the author of “With or Without God.” Gretta, a provocative pastor of West Hill United Church in Toronto, calls the church to create communities grounded in values that promote the wellbeing of all life on the planet rather than indefensible doctrinal beliefs.

Friday: Dear God: The Premise of Prayer

Saturday: Homo Sapiens: The Wisdom of Prayer

Sunday: A Noble Truth: Getting There from Here

As interest in mainline religion dwindles, along with it go the institutions that have long framed our civic discourse. Rather than simply repackaging what it is churches have to offer, it is crucial that religions find ways to revisit the core narratives, that are no longer able to inspire our communities and mine them for those themes and values. Creating a noble truth that will call us to a future framed by justice and compassion is our more urgent goal.



Gretta will be accompanied by musician and composer, Scott Kearns, Music Director at West Hill United Church and author of the song collection, The Wonder of Life. Tickets are now on sale.

Scott Kearns workshop on “Lyrics, language, life and love”

Scott Kearns is Music Director at West Hill United Church of Canada in Toronto. He is a musician, composer and author or the song collection, “The Wonder of Life.” West Hill United Church in Toronto has moved to non-exclusive, non-doctrinal, and post-theistic content in all aspects of its services. Music has been one of the biggest challenges, and it’s also been the site of amazing discovery and rich experience. In this workshop, we’ll take a look at the concepts involved in a post-theistic approach at the theoretical, practical, and personal level. We’ll try on some examples of songs you might find effective in the individual and communal expression of wonder, inspiration, challenge, comfort, commitment, and growth.


For tickets and information, contact UCUCC, 4515 16th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98105 or (206) 524-6255, ext. 3447. More information is available by clicking here. Tickets may be purchased online from Brown Paper Tickets. (Special payment options are also available.)

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3 thoughts on “Gretta Vosper on “AMEN – What Prayer Can Mean in a World Beyond Belief”

  1. Greetings,

    This weekend sounds so interesting. Have you considered providing your work in a webinar?

    The University of Minnesota, Youth Development Center does this. Holds an in person workshop for those close enough to attend and at the same time allows for free registration to connect by webinar. Beyond providing access and the information this contains, there is something very symbolic of generosity and caring for all that is a part of this experience.


    Marie Andrews
    11649 Asbury circle, #556
    Solomons, MD. 20688

    • Hi Marie,

      We have discussed this from time to time but at this point can’t add this to our weekend with Gretta Vosper. We hope to eventually live video stream our lectures to those who can’t travel to attend. We do offer a “pay what you can” option for our events.

      Thanks for your idea!


      Tina Michalak, Coordinator
      The Lecture Series
      University Congregational United Church of Christ
      Seattle, WA 98105
      (206) 524-6255, ext. 3447

  2. Ms Marie and Mr John , I am sending you this message after locating you via the internet. I have been mistakenly sent your check and pledge card in the mail at my place of work. I am notifying you to not worry I am going to re-envelope everything and get this forwarded over to the correct address. To me it seems that the post office may have mistaken your I for an E . After researching the internet I have found the correct location for Westminster Presbyterian and I will pay postage to forward this over for you. No worries just wanted to let you know so there would be no problem ! Miah

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