Miroslav Volf Lecture Series – Allah: A Christian Response

Miroslav Volf, Director of the Yale Center for Faith & Culture and Henry Bl Wright Professor of Theology at Yale University Divinity School will give a series of lectures February 8 – 10, 2013 on “Allah: A Christian Response” at University Congregational United Church of Christ. Miroslav teaches theology at Yale University, including a “Faith and Globalization course which he co-teaches with former Prime Minister Tony Blair. A native of Croatia, he has forged a theology of forgiveness and on-violence in the face of violence experienced in Croatia and Serbia in the 1990s.

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2 thoughts on “Miroslav Volf Lecture Series – Allah: A Christian Response

  1. David,

    This is a post about Miroslav Volf giving a series of lectures in Seattle, rather than an article. For more information about Miroslav Volf, you can go to http://divinity.yale.edu/volf. If you would like information about his lecture series in Seattle: http://www.ucucc.org/events/Lecture%20Series/miroslav.htm. “Allah: A Christian Response” is the title of a book by Miroslav Volf.

    Hope that helps.

    Tina Michalak, Coordinator
    The Lecture Series

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