Ten Forms of Prayer, from The Eastern Path to Heaven

A Guide to Happiness from the Teachings of Jesus in Tibet
Christians and Buddhists are teaming up for a kinder world
The key to happiness is helping others. This is the primary messages in a new book, The Eastern Path to Heaven, release by Seabury Press in April 2008. The two authors, Geshe Michael Roach and Lama Christie McNally, "have for the last ten years, explored together the ancient cities, rare manuscripts, and oral traditions of India and Tibet which bear witness to teachings of Saint Thomas – the disciple that Jesus sent to the east. The Eastern Path to Heaven presents the great ideas that came to those lands through Thomas, and describes how we can use authentic Christian teachings of ancient Asia to achieve six goals of life: physical health; financial security; love; happiness; freedom from aging and death; and fulfillment in the service of others."

Star in the East (SIE) an organization founded by Geshe Michael and Lama Christie centered in New York City and Tucson, Arizona, will be offering a meditation workshop in Houston, Texas, on the 10 Forms of Prayer covered in The Eastern Path to Heaven. This ecumenical gathering will take place on Friday, June 6th and Saturday, June 7th, at Trinity Episcopal Church.

Trinity Episcopal Church

Morrow Chapel

1015 Holman St • Houston, Texas 77004

June 6th, Friday 7 PM-9 PM

June 7th, Saturday, 9 AM-12 noon and 1 PM-4 PM (Lunch will be included.)

No classes on June 8th, Sunday, but please join us for Trinity's Jazz Service from 12:30 PM until 1:30 PM

Attached is a poster that will help to explain a bit more about the workshop, the 10 Forms of Prayer, and the people involved in helping to lead this SIE event. Anything that you may be able to do to help spread the word would be greatly appreciated. To register please contact Ron Starbuck and Kirste Reimers, who are helping to organize and coordinate this workshop in Houston.

For Registration send an email to –

ronstarbuck@sbcglobal.net and kreimers@sbcglobal.net

Please include the event, your name, and contact information when sending in an email registration.

For Information – Contact

Trinity Episcopal Church, Houston, Texas @ 713-528-4100www.trinitychurch.netwww.starintheeast.org

A very special thank you goes out to Trinity Episcopal Church, Houston, and the Rev. Hannah Atkins for their gracious hospitality in allowing us to hold this workshop in the Morrow Chapel.

In Peace,

Ron Starbuck

Houston, Texas



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