Webinar: Transformational Inquiry: Churches Leading the Way into an Uncertain Future

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ProgressiveChristianity.org is excited

to host our first webinar!


Webinar: Transformational Inquiry-

Churches Leading the Way into an Uncertain Future


Monday, April 28th, 5:30pm PST


Churches have a role in the future of our world unlike any other. Technical solutions are no longer adequate for the dramatic changes we face as a species. We must change our hearts, our minds and our souls if we are to thrive. The question is how?


Transformational Inquiry makes use of the special gifts of faith communities to help individuals and groups expand their thinking, deepen their caring, and attend to the Presence at the core of their being. In other words, to help make deep adaptive changes to meet an uncertain world.

In this Webinar, Tom will introduce you to Transformational Inquiry, outline the tools participants can take away from the process, and tell you how you can be trained in Transformational Inquiry.

What do you want, and what will you do to avoid getting it?

“If you’re thinking of taking this excellent course, do so now. I found it to be much better than sleeping in, which was my first thought this morning! Tom gave us a wonderful support system for moving through what we didn’t know was holding us back. Thank you!”

“There is a fundamental shift that happens when the Big Assumption reveals itself. The transformation is nothing short of miraculous. This work has to be experienced to be believed!” ~Cynthia

“Great workshop, where do I sign up for the next one? Specifically, the dyads worked well as did the discussions. Very insightful. Best learning experience I have had in years.” ~ Tyler M., Educator

“Inquiry work brings us so far in such a short time. I have spent ten times as much time looking into my “issues” without nearly as much insight! The entire approach was very enlightening and easy to follow (and very eye opening). For that I am eternally grateful.” ~ Marcia H., Artist


Do you yearn to free individuals from their deep fears and sorrows?

Do you long to create community where successes and failures are shared without judgements?

TomThresherFor more than a decade Rev. Tom Thresher, PhD has nurtured profound personal and collective change as he adapted Immunity to Change to the challenges and opportunities of faith communities.


During the years leading up to seminary I read Ken Wilber’s integral theory and Robert Kegan’s work on adult development. These authors were pivotal. They gave my mind a framework for the altered reality I was living because of Diana’s messages. Wilber’s integral theory, Kegan’s developmental work, and my transformational experience in McAfee’s group became the foundation for my work as a pastor. For the past decade I have used their insights to guide my work at Suquamish Church. My book, Reverent Irreverence: Integral Church for the 21st Century, from Cradle to Christ Consciousness, adapts integral theory to the church context and tells our story. My book drew high praise from Ken Wilber and an interview on his website is forthcoming. Based on my work applying Immunity to Change in the church, Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey have invited me to train facilitators for the faith context

I am currently the pastor of a dynamic (nascent) integral church in Suquamish, WA, ancestral home of Chief Seattle. Early in my tenure I taught at Bainbridge Graduate Institute and helped found the Leadership and Personal Development program which distinguishes BGI. READ MORE HERE

Visit Tom’s Website: http://transformationalinquiry.us


Transformational Inquiry

Transformational Inquiry is an adaptation for faith communities of the Immunity to Change process developed by Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey of Harvard Univ. For a decade I have used Transformational Inquiry in my church to:

  • nurture personal and spiritual growth
  • support social justice work
  • build a resilient, adventurous community

For LOTS MORE INFO please see the Articles and Videos below:

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Review & Commentary

7 thoughts on “Webinar: Transformational Inquiry: Churches Leading the Way into an Uncertain Future

    • Tim,
      the webinar will be audio recorded and its possible that the presenter, Tom, will be open to sending along his presentation. We are working on ways to have visual recording as well in the future.
      I hope this helps!

  1. Transformational Inquiry sounds wonderful, and I would love to hear the webinar but I already have plans for tonight. Let me know when the webinar will be repeated, or will there be something we can order or hear online at another time? Thanks for sharing.

    Mike Holland,
    Pastor, Church of the Foothills UCC & DOC
    Santa Ana, Ca

    • Hi Mike,
      Thank you for your comment.
      We will be repeating this webinar or at least one very similar to it in the near future and will keep you posted as always.
      kind regards,

      • I also have plans that night, so I’d like to be notified next time you repeat the webinar. But if you were going to archive this one and make it available for later, I’d sign up now. Thanks.

  2. There is need for a lot of transformation in the Church for it to become what Jesus had envisaged.
    Pope Francis, fortunately, moving in that direction.
    All my good wishes and support.

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