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  • John Shearman said on Nov 20
    There is much food for thought in this presentation of the Trinity. Not traditional but st... more
  • Graeme McIver said on Nov 20
    Thanks for this thoughtful article. I have long wondered when Progressive Christian think... more
  • Jessie said on Nov 17
    You write, "It is clear that homosexual behavior was only one item in a long list of ... more
  • George Stuart said on Nov 16
    Thanks Anita. You're dead right. Saying what one does not believe I find is relat... more
  • Louise Diana said on Nov 13
    Well said! Thank-you for sharing your thoughtful ideas. Realizing that God is not &qu... more
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Progressive Christianity and the Ba’hai faith?

universal religion

I was wondering however, what the separation between Progressive Christianity and the Ba’hai faith is, if any. I have only just finished reading the study guide, and though I don’t agree with all of the tenants set forth, it is a very interesting concept. It just seems very similar to the Ba’hai faith, and how different it is even from the standpoint of a Liberal Lutheran denomination.

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We are children of the cosmos


We are children of the Cosmos,

We are subject to its laws,

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Progressive Christian Ideologies on Grace, Faith, and the Trinity?

woman praying

From your website I have had many of my questions answered. I am a member of a relatively progressive Lutheran Church, but have more of a Methodist or Wesleyan concept of Grace. I could not find any ideologies on Grace or even Faith in your website or other sources on Progressive Christianity. Personally my faith is based on continuing my quest of “the Truth” or “the Logos” and I believe that salvation is by Faith, but it must be followed by a Discipleship much like that of Bonhoeffer. I could likewise not find a position on the Trinity, something that I feel is necessary in an absolute monotheism. Finally, the idea of a soul, immortal or not, was not revealed in your doctrine as I in my brief and incomplete review of Progressive Christianity. Thank you for any enlightenment or source of clarification.

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What is progressive Christianity?

Progressive Christianity is an open, intelligent and collaborative approach to the Christian tradition and the life and teachings of Jesus that creates a pathway into an authentic and relevant religious experience.

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