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  • Julia Rendon said on Apr 22
    I also have plans that night, so I'd like to be notified next time you repeat the web... more
  • Joseph Mattam said on Apr 22
    There is need for a lot of transformation in the Church for it to become what Jesus had en... more
  • Deshna Ubeda said on Apr 21
    Hi Mike, Thank you for your comment. We will be repeating this webinar or at least one v... more
  • Rev. Dr. Mike Holland said on Apr 21
    Transformational Inquiry sounds wonderful, and I would love to hear the webinar but I alre... more
  • Deshna Ubeda said on Apr 21
    Tim, the webinar will be audio recorded and its possible that the presenter, Tom, will be... more

A Sample Lesson on Humility from the A Joyful Path, Children’s Curriculum

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♥ Humility does not mean self-abasement, it means recognizing an Infinite power greater than our little self.

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Church Music Search 2015

music note book

This annual and international church music contest calls authors and composers to create congregational hymns, choral anthems and orchestral music that engage and exclaim liberal Christian theology and associated themes. Download the PDF of this flyer here

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The Belief Confusion

straight forest path

Probably few questions have led to more argument and more pain in modern religious life than the question, “Do you believe?” Today the question usually implies acceding to certain intellectual propositions. The tragedy is that the question is usually misapplied if we look closely at how certain concepts were used in our sacred texts.

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Click here for resources on What is Progressive Christianity

What is progressive Christianity?

Progressive Christianity is an open, intelligent and collaborative approach to the Christian tradition and the life and teachings of Jesus that creates a pathway into an authentic and relevant religious experience.

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What is provides guiding ideas, networking opportunities, and resources for progressive churches, organizations, small groups, and individuals that long to craft a life connected to the way of Jesus.

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