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    • Pathways is a gathering place for progressive thinkers in the Christian faith tradition. At Pathways, critical Biblical scholarship, unhindered interpretation, and exploration of the practical application and relevance of scriptures is the norm. Pathways affirms the good news to be found and followed in the way of life expressed by Jesus, the Galilean spirit-sage.

      Pathways is a different kind of church. Conventionally-speaking it’s a non-church. It is a faith community comprised of those for whom institutional religion and the burdens of infrastructure can sometimes be more of an encumbrance to God’s Grace, than a channel of Grace. There are different paths for different people. At Pathways, there is no required creed or confession of faith to which one must ascribe.

      Pathways is inclusive, where anyone and everyone is welcome. More so, Pathways is not exclusive. One can be a part of Pathways, and still belong to any other faith community where one might find deep and meaningful ways to understand and live out one’s faith in the world.

      Pathways is a church without buildings, big budgets or ecclesiastical hierarchy. It costs nothing but an open heart and mind to belong to Pathways.

      At Pathways, the worship experience is structured in an informal framework. Prayer is less about asking, and more about listening, remembering, offering and responding. Music is accessible and participatory.

      Pathways fosters personal spiritual growth, in order to equip and encourage participants to serve the larger community with charitable acts for the common good. Pathways links people with projects, instead of duplicating the efforts of other dedicated organizations.

      Pathways is a volunteer-based organization, which operates with minimal financial expenditure. With over thirty years experience in non-profit and ordained ministries, John Bennison contributes his leadership to Pathways (see http://www.wordsnways.com).

      Pathways is an incorporated non-profit religious organization in the state of California.

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