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Holy Breath – Prayers for Worship and Reflection

This beautiful liturgy book includes prayers and reflections for general nurture as well as prayers directed to special liturgical events like Baptism, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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Topics: Worship & Liturgy. Ages: Adult. Resource Types: Books, Poetry, and Prayers.

Another Breath: Prayers for Celebration and Reflection

Another Breath is a collection of prayers and liturgies that can be used in a faith community, at home, or in one’s own personal practice. It is inspirational, creative, progressive, and deeply spiritual. It is the prayer book those leading gatherings of spiritual communities have been looking for. there seems to be a prayer or meditation for each moment and occassion. This book is highly recommended.

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Earth’s Heartbeat

(on a hike at Devil's Punchbowl near Pearblossom, CA)

Mountain-shaped silhouettes
Mark the the tall pale stalk
Of a spent yucca:
Are these its last lines of praise
For the land where it stands?

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A Vertical Paradox

“I’m worth as much as you,”    while true, Yearns upward much as Eve’s son Cain;    and vainforever proves such self-promotion.

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Poem-Leaving Home

Published on the online newsletter/blog of John Shelby Spong, “I want to share with you something written by a priest in the Church of England, who is under pressure from his Bishop to conform to traditional Church teaching and practice. He is, so far as I can discern, a faithful priest who is caught in that awkward position where he must violate his own conscience and integrity in order to conform to ecclesiastical expectations. Many clergy live in that place today as the Church becomes more and more closed minded and afraid and as its leaders move to put unity ahead of truth. I was so impressed with his work that I wanted to share it with you.” ~ John Shelby Spong

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Topics: Fiction and Poetry. Resource Types: Articles and Poetry.

Current Present Task- A Poem

Short Poem "Current Present Task"  from the book, "Throwing Away God" by Joseph Mattioli 

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Resource Types: Poetry.

The Wide, Wide World of Theology! A Poem

Fiery Spirit of Love, Come, O Lover of the Poor…

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Topics: Spiritual Exploration & Practice. Resource Types: Poetry.

Poem: Dream of Freedom

by: Langston Hughes

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Resource Types: Hymns and Poetry.
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