Psalm 8

O dear One
whose name is more than a name
whose power I cannot tame

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Is That You, God?

Is that you, God, in a blade of grass breaking through a crack in the asphalt? Is that you, God, holding the rest of the asphalt together?

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Praise universal wisdom; be thankful for what you learn.
You who seek insights, advocate for self-knowledge,

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Seeking the Truth

Sometimes it is more comfortable to avoid the truth – to fail to speak up when it is in our selfish interests to keep quiet. It is all too easy to go further than keeping quiet when we should speak out – to lie, to embroider the truth – to tell, what we like to think of, as ‘Little White Lies’.

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For Openness to Change

I wish for the source of ageless restoration to renew my spirit of transformation; then enliven enthusiasm, enlighten acumen and enhance kindness with patient understanding.

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Canticle of the Sun

Inspired by St. Francis of Assisi

Let us celebrate the life of Francis of Assisi who loved all of creation. With him, let us give thanks for:
Brother Sun, who brings the day; and who radiates the divine. He is beautiful and radiant in all his splendor

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Health Care for All: Seeds, Leaves, Roots

(I’m working now on a project called SEEDS, LEAVES, ROOTS: Faithful Rhetoric and Reflection for Progressive Social Action. It’s an initiative of Progressive Christians Uniting – I serve on its board of directors. We are creating a …

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The Sound that Calls Us

A responsive reading

One What is the sound that calls us? Listen carefully.
Many The beating of our own hearts calls us to ourselves. It calls us to be our true selves, our best selves. Calls us to be what we might become.

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All: If I could say one word,
I would say Amen

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The God Experience

That we “exist” as human beings is certain as a fact
Created/evolved through a lengthy process — others say an act

A Creator-God often viewed as the prime reason for “being”
A mystery question that seeks an answer, one that’s not misleading

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Musing on God

God is all without being any thing
while being the all in every thing.

God is the perhaps at the edge
of every moment of choosing.

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All Life Is Connected

Inspired by Chief Seattle

No matter how different someone is from us, they are part of the human family, one of God’s children to be valued and treated with dignity.
ALL: All of life is connected in an interdependent web.

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