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22 Ways to Feel Welcome on the Path of Practice

Whether you are affiliated with one of the world’s religions or are more comfortable with a free-floating spirituality, whether you are conservative or liberal, experienced or just beginning, there is room for you on the common ground of practice. A chief characteristic of the path of practice is its inclusivity. Everyone belongs.

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God in the Belly

Full of God, full to birthing,
Mary howls: head back, hair tossed,
Hands skyward with joy
That wrongs are about to be righted,
Salvation’s about to be sighted.

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Topics: Fiction and Poetry. 8 Points: Point 6: Peace and Justice. Seasons & Special Events: Christmas. Ages: Adult, Teen, and Young Adult. Texts: Luke. Prayers: Invocation. Resource Types: Meditations and Spiritual Journey Reflections.

Blessing for Advent – Celestial Brightness

Follow a star that’s twinkling with courage,
blazing with possibility
to the space, the essence that is God.

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Sharing the Light: Spiritual Practices for Progressive Christians

In this episode of Sharing the Light, Sunshine Cathedrals Senior Pastor Durrell Watkins speaks with Light University Academic Dean Robert Griffin and Mona West, Spiritual Practices Consultant on the subject of Queer Bible Study. We invite you to join us for an enlightening conversation on Sharing the Light.

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Stations of the Cross for Progressive Christians: Grow in Love as You Journey with Christ

A Lenten tradition in Western Christianity is to meditate upon the journey Christ took to Calvary. These stations or steps are found both in the Scriptures and in the traditions and legends of catholic Christianity. For many this practice is used to participate in the suffering and sacrifice endured by Christ. I encourage you to also take up this journey seeing within each station a calling for the modern, progressive Christian to grow in the ways and love of God. Meditate upon each station considering the questions or thoughts presented with a Scriptural verse to ponder and a brief prayer of the heart. In John 15:12 Jesus tells us, “This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.” Only by walking with Christ and seeing just how much he truly loved everyone can we begin to love others in the same fashion.

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Ten Ways to Meet God

1. Watch your thoughts and feelings and urges. Close your eyes, stay quiet for 20 minutes, and observe what is going on in your mind and your body. What claims your attention? What emotions and bodily sensations …

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A Candle Burns

A candle is burning yellow near the rail of an altar
In the church setting its flame will likely not falter

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