Heart of Gaia- Ashana

Uploaded on Nov 18, 2011
Open your heart to the unified field of love ~ You are the great bridge, you carry the design of beauty, art, color and sound. You are sensitivity and intuition. You evoke understanding and the overcoming of dissonance. May your vibrations blend in harmony with the other circling rays ~ This song is from Ashana’s Jewels of Silence CD Track 1 ~ Heart of Gaia ~ It resonates with the root chakra ~ security and grounding ~ in the tone of C ~ Bija Mantra ~ Uh ~ The Bija mantras sung on this CD are vowel sounds that can help activate and balance the chakras, resulting in an overall feeling of peace and wellbeing…the crystal bowls amplify and transmit the energy ~~ This is an amazing CD ~ Highly recommended !!! Thank you Ashana and Thomas Barquee for such amazing, healing tones ~~~~~ everything is
* V* I *B *R *A* T* I* O *N *

Jewels of Silence

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3 thoughts on “Heart of Gaia- Ashana

    • Blessings to you, Samantha. I am grateful the music brings you comfort. I know what it is like to release our beloved animal companions to their next unfolding. My heart’s prayers are with you.

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