A Confession of Faith

“The Christian Creeds--A Faith to Live By” Monika Hellwig, 1973, Pflaum (revised for inclusive language)

We believe that happiness awaits humanity and that our existence is not absurd.

We believe that all our longings can be fulfilled beyond imagining and that hope is not in vain.

We believe that we come into existence by love and that our lives can become wholly meaningful by love.

We believe that all are joined in one destiny and that we are all responsible for one another.

We believe that peace, justice and freedom from want are God’s gift to all but that they must be freely received by us.

We believe that no human being is forgotten by God and that no one can be unimportant to us.

We believe it because of Jesus who has reflected to us the fidelity of the Creator.

We believe it because of the sublime simplicity of his preaching and of his life.

We believe it because of the luminous conviction and singleness of purpose with which he faced death.

We believe it because God raised him up as a sign of hope and challenge to all that shall one day be gloriously fulfilled.

We believe it because of the Spirit that is among the followers of Jesus to this day.

We believe it because of the assembling of the nations in unity and hope that has begun and must yet be completed.

We believe it because we share in the celebration of the mysteries in which we are transformed.

We believe it because we expect to share in the fulfillment of all the promises in a world yet to come.

Let it be so: this is our commitment.

from “The Christian Creeds–A Faith to Live By” Monika Hellwig, 1973, Pflaum

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