A Joyful Path, Year One, Lesson 7: Concentrating Our Energy

The Monkey and the Well


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Lesson 7  from Year One is about: Concentrating Our Energy

“The Monkey and the Well”


Affirmation: I give full attention to everything I do.

Getting to the Heart of the Lesson

To succeed at any undertaking requires the ability to calmly focus our energy. Without concentration even our best efforts are weakened — even our efforts to love, meditate, or simply pray.

You may have tried to encourage a child by saying, “Just concentrate and you can do it!” And you may have received the frustrated reply, “I am concentrating!” Yet, at another time, you may have seen that same child bent over a drawing or building blocks with such concentration that nothing else seemed to exist.

The key to concentration is the calm focus of our attention. Men and women who are successful in worldly or spiritual endeavors share the ability to focus and maintain their concentration, with remarkable results.

concentration story

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