A New Age Christian: My Spiritual Journey

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    A New Age Christian is a spiritual autobiography in which Detweiler bridges the gap between traditional Christianity and New Age (New Age = the next 2160 years, just as the 21st century = the next 100 years) spirituality in ways that promote healing of the anger and disillusionment millions of spiritual seekers are presently experiencing. Integrated into the account of her fascinating personal adventures on the spiritual Path are well documented answers to questions such as: "If God is Love, then why…?" "Have I lived before?" "Is astrology sacred–or taboo?" Is hell, as a place of eternal punishment, biblical?" "Did Jesus have to die in order for humanity to be forgiven?" "Are we gods–as Jesus taught?" "Who is Jesus–really?"

    Inspirational, courageous, honest, loving, and at times heartrending, Detweiler's quest confirms her botton line theological statement: God is Love.

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