An Introduction to A Radical Theology

Romanticism, Marxism, pre and post war German theology, non-realism and the nineteen sixties death of God movement, and now many contemporary writers around the world- they have all reshaped our ideas about God, giving it the rich diversity of experience and expression it comprises today. Tracing the history of the key idea in Western thought from its origins through to the present day, this is the story of the intellectual journey that remade God in the image of man, so that he might become one of us.

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    Recommended book: An Introduction to Radical Theology The Death and Resurrection of God by Trevor Greenfield

    Nietzsche declared the death of God over a hundred years ago and Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, and Christopher Hitchens, and others, are currently trying to pile dirt on the casket. Like so many people today, this dynamic trio have already put "god" in a box. Trevor Greenfield's book An Introduction to Radical Theology is an attempt to let this God back out of the box and available again for those who may want a rational and aware approach to this universal mystery. An Introduction to Radical Theology is just that-an introduction to some of the wonderful and intriguing theological work that has been going on for several decades but ignored by far too many of us.

    Greenfield traces the development of what has become known as radical theology from Kant to Cupitt, from Nietzsche to Geering. The book is scholarly in content but accessible to anyone who is interested in the development of contemporary theological thinking. Greenfield is sensitive in his approach but he avoids sentimentalism. If you feel this book is taking you to a place that you want to go there are plenty of recommended reading suggestions that offer a wonderful journey. Or you may read this book and still not consider yourself a fan of radical theology. No matter what you will probably know a lot more about the development of western theology than you do today and more importantly your idea of God will not longer be constrained by a box or casket that seems like it is already buried under three feet of dirt.

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