Bible Work Bench, Adult Curriculum (Electronic)

Bible Work Bench was created by The Educational Center, a Partner Organization of ours.

This resource may not fully reflect the theology of Progressive Christianity as we understand it, however, we feel that it is a valuable resource for people at different stages in their faith journey.

In this store, BibleWorkbench is a full year subscription, with electronic delivery (for hard copy delivery, click here)


BibleWorkbench is a lectionary based life-centered biblical resource designed for small group youth and adult education in church and home, for individual study or as an aid to preachers. One of the texts from the Revised Common Lectionary is chosen each Sunday. The exploration begins with encountering the story found in the biblical text. The focus then shifts to how this story is happening in the world around us. Finally the questions turn toward how the story is an event in the lives of the people in the group. The journey through the text seeks life-giving questions that wait to be lived.

  • Weekly written materials include a series of open-ended questions designed to enable users to enter the story in the text, and to make connections to the world around and to their own inward lives
  • Hard copy version also includes:
    • Parallel Readings feature poetry and literature, along with timely newspaper and magazine articles that resonate and extend the story in the text.
    • Critical Background material taken from noted biblical scholars illuminates the context of each week’s text.

BibleWorkbench is published six times a year, and each issue contains a full session design for the nine or ten Sundays covered, which incorporates four elements:

A series of open-ended questions inviting participants to enter deeply into the story in the text, to make connections to the world around them and to their own inner lives. These questions are designed to be shaped by group leaders to address the individuals in the group. The design may also include suggestions for drawing, sculpting, mime, or movement to engage the non-verbal part of our being.
Brief, evocative reflections from the editors on other potential themes and patterns suggested in the study text
Selections from contemporary poetry and prose, along with articles from newspapers and magazines that illuminate or extend the story in the text.
Background on the context and reading of the text, drawn from biblical scholars such as Marcus Borg, Walter Brueggemann, Fred Craddock, John Dominic Crossan, Bart Ehrman, William Herzog, Amy-Jill Levine, Norman Perrin, Elaine Pagels, Sharon Ringe, Walter Wink and more.

Also in each issue are Benchmarks (from the Editor), Gleanings (items for reflection and inspiration gathered from here and there), a Bibliography of books for study, and an additional feature on some aspect of reading or living the Bible- a sample sermon, a book review, an interview, etc.

You can download a sample week of Bibleworkbench,  a sample “Benchmarks” (Letter from the Editor),  a Leader Guide, the BibleWorkbench Guidelines, and BibleWorkbench Scripture Index Volumes.

Bible Work Bench falls under the following topics/ sub-topic categories:

Adult Curriculum

Faith Formation

Bible Study – Group

Bible Study – Individual

Sermon Preparation

Lectionary Text Study


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