Bishop John Shelby Spong, “Why Christianity as We Know It is Dying”- Sermon Video

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4 thoughts on “Bishop John Shelby Spong, “Why Christianity as We Know It is Dying”- Sermon Video

  1. I am inspired and optimistic that there is a place for a thinking person who still has a sense of fidelity to the Christian path as a way to experience the “divine” and to grow as humans in our daily life. Does anyone know of a group like this in Brisbane, Australia because I have been a believer in exile and without a community for many years although I have still studied and learnt as much as I can on my own. I wish you all success for your church and its honest approach to Christianity.

  2. SUGGESTION for the EDITORS: Shorter paragraphs with indention and any other method to create more “white” space in these columns would make them SO much easier to read, thus a more relaxed and contemplative read.

    Thank you for considering this.

    N. R. DuBois

  3. I hope we get the continuation of this telling of what Jesus was most passionate about as soon as possible like next week before losing the listener. When can we purchase the DVD for those without computers ? Thank you!

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