Ladybug- music CD

Butterflyfish began with a watermelon picnic. While the kids ate and played, the grown-ups got to talking about music, about faith, and about how best to pass on and enjoy the old, old stories in beautiful new ways.

Like many parents, we knew that our kids were connected spiritually with the world, but we couldn’t find much music to help them deepen and develop that connection. And so we started to write songs, and sing them together in our living room – and after too many picnics to count, Butterflyfish was born, butterflies and fish being two of the most ancient, delightful symbols of Christianity.

But before long, we realized we weren’t just writing songs for our kids. We were also writing for ourselves, and for people of every age looking for ways to strengthen those same spiritual connections and engage those same stories.


Butterflyfish CD

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    I put in the CD to get my daughter’s reaction to the music, to help me decide if it would be worth carrying in our store. She loved it and I think my husband and I loved it even more! We were singing along to each song, clapping and smiling. It is so rare to find music that has spiritual insight, progressive Christian language, professional quality and that is fun for the whole family. I was delighted to discover it! I think it would be perfect for use in Sunday schools, for fun family listening, and for the whole congregation. The language is progressive and inclusive. The style of music is fun, meaningful, and upbeat. I highly recommend it!

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