It’s a … It’s a … It’s a Mitzvah

A fun-filled introduction to the joys of doing mitzvot.

This lively picture book for children ages 3 6 is filled with amiable animals who, through their actions, demonstrate age-appropriate mitzvot, including welcoming new friends, forgiving mistakes, respecting elders and sharing food with the hungry.

It engages children through playful illustrations; likeable animal characters, including Mitzvah Meerkat, the narrator; humor and the repetition of the fun-to-say phrase It s a … it s a … it s a mitzvah! that encourages children to chime in as the words are repeated throughout the book.

Side notes on each spread explain the specific mitzvah in every vignette. With this aside, parents and teachers have an opportunity to ask the child or group of children, What is the good deed here? and spark a conversation without preaching. Children will see how everyday kindness is the beginning of a Jewish journey and a lifetime commitment to tikkun olam (repairing the world).

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  1. Review

    It’s a … It’s a … It’s a Mitzvah
    Liz Suneby, Diane Heiman
    Jewish Lights 05/12 Hardcover $18.99
    ISBN: 9781580235099

    In the Jewish tradition, mitzvah covers a variety of activities done by people who are animated by love, kindness, caring, and sharing. Liz Suneby and Diane Heiman have come up with a playful format for this children’s book for those ages 3 – 6 years of age.

    A little band of animals respond to the question: “What is a mitzvah?” and then show us what it means through the practices of welcoming new friends, sharing food with the hungry, helping someone who is older, forgiving someone who has made a mistake, taking care of the earth, cheering on your friends, looking after the sick, giving charity, being a peacemaker, sharing the loving spirit of Shabbat, and honoring one’s parents.

    According to Suneby and Heiman, you cannot touch or smell or buy mitzvah but you can experience it again and again as “a warm feeling of happiness in our hearts when we do good deeds. Mitzvah is a way of life.” By the time you finish reading this book, delightfully illustrated by Laurel Molk, you will want to click your heels together like the animal characters in the story and then go out to do some good!

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