Looking Around for God

Excerpt from the preface:

The story of a fundamentalist-reared Christian rebelling against his upbringing and then finding his way back to religion is an old story, and I won’t beat it to death again on these pages. But fast-forwarding through and looking back at the years – marriage, children, divorce, remarriage, careers, and success, with traditional church-going as well as experimentation with other religions and spiritual disciplines interspersed throughout-I realize that I have experienced the presence of the divine many times, and still seek to experience it many more times. Some people refer to that as a spiritual quest. I call it “looking around for God.”

I think it’s important to keep on looking because I believe God is partly in the looking itself. Besides, I never know where I might just happen upon God, perhaps someplace I’ve looked a thousand times but never noticed God was there. I could even say God sneaks up on us, but the fact is that God is always there; we just have trouble seeing God, not because we keep looking in all the wrong places-there are no wrong places-but because we are looking at the wrong angle or we are wearing the filter of our expectations. We expect to find God in a certain place or in a certain way; we expect signs from the heavens; we expect to find God where we want God to be.

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