Musing on God

God is all without being any thing

while being the all in every thing.


God is the perhaps at the edge

of every moment of choosing.


God does nothing

but nothing does

without God.


God is the freedom to do

and the urge to act.


God does not exist

because God is existence.


God is change,

God is flow,

God is relationship:

In, with, and through.


God is love:

silently attracting,

never compelling.


God does not have power

because God is power.


God is the unforced force

coursing through all events.


God is the potential

for transformation

in all relationships.


To be God’s friend

is to pay attention

to the flow in all things…

even those that seem to stay still.

It is to savor what is behind and within

all appearances, events, relations.

It is to feel the allure of what could be,

latent in the wonder of what is.

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