Not Without My Neighbour: Issues in Interfaith Relations

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    Meeting people of other faiths is an everyday experience, not only for minority Christian communities in Asia and the Middle East, but more and more for Christians elsewhere. Although interfaith dialogue has established itself as a key concern for the churches and the ecumenical movement, it continues to raise spiritual, social, political, practical and theological concerns in many quarters.

    The insights in this book draw on the author’s wide range of personal experiences – as a child, student and Methodist pastor in Sri Lanka; as a participant in the controversial discussion of interfaith dialogue at the World Council of Churches fifth assembly (Nairobi 1975); as a student of Hinduism, and especially as a longtime staff member, director of the WCC’s dialogue program and Deputy General Secretary.

    Weaving together accounts from daily life, ecumenical texts and discussions and theological reflection, this book offers a clear and challenging introduction to key issues that arise again and again when Christians and churches enter into conversation with their neighbors of other faiths – among them interfaith prayer, interfaith marriage, religion and conflict, and dialogue and mission.

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