Conversion and the Idea of Salvation

To me, one of the most problematic, psychologically damaging things about Evangelical theology is the focus on salvation… what constitutes it, how it is obtained and held onto, etc.

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The Resolutions of Jesus

Traditionally this is a time to learn from our mistakes and commit ourselves to do differently in the new year. I wonder what resolutions Jesus would have made? For some, it may seem shocking to suggest that …

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The Geology of Love

It was carved with hand tools on a rough slab of native red rock: “Marcelito L. Baca – murio a la edad de 17 dias (died at the age of 17 days) – 1919”. It was planted …

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In the Winter of Our Discontent: What Gift Shall I Offer?

A Reflection for Twelfth Night and the Epiphany Season

The journey of the magi, and their adoration on bended knee before a newborn peasant who presumably comes to subordinate the Herod’s of this world is a quaint and fanciful tale. But this year, the real exchange of gifts in the City of Angels was a modern day epiphany that suggest we might indeed still find for ourselves new, authentic life in such an otherwise arcane myth. Now the question is whether the meaning and message of Epiphany season will truly shed new light in the bleak midwinter of our discontent.

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Study Guide for the 8 Points of Progressive Christianity 2012

This Study Guide is for the third edition (2011) of the “8 Points” that have both identified and guided (formerly The Center for Progressive Christianity) since the organization’s founding in 1994.

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May Love Divine Fill All Our Hearts

Words by Lyndon Hutchinson-Hounsell

May Love Divine fill all our hearts, our bodies, minds and souls.

Let’s love our neighbours as ourselves as Spirit makes us whole.

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Stony Trail

On a stony trail through the Sinai wastes
A little family headed south
Father, mother, little babe
A burdened donkey, head drooped down

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Words after Christmas

Christmas trees and tinsel
Yule logs and holly
Turkey and Christmas pudding

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Doxology for the New Year

Sung to the traditional tune

Praise God who calls us on from here,
Praise Christ whose presence calms our fear,
Praise Holy Spirit in our lives,
God calls and leads and through us thrives. Amen.

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May you be gifts to those you see

with Roberta Maran

May you be gifts to those you see
Better than presents under a tree

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Born to Die?: Why the Cross Doesn’t Belong at Christmas

December 12, 2012 Yesterday, I passed a church sign that proclaimed Christmas was the story of a baby born to die. It seemed a macabre, odd way to wish passersby a merry Christmas. Apparently, though, quite a few …

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Christmas Eve: The Preacher’s Nightmare and Greatest Opportunity

Visit Bruce’s Site on Evolutionary Christianity This will be the first Christmas Eve in twenty-seven years that I’m not preaching. I confess to not feeling overwhelming grief. It’s a tough gig—almost impossible to pitch the message in …

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