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Progressive Christianity and God

Fred Plumer, President of, explains how God, for progressive Christians, is not explained theistically but rather is thought of as an Infinite Mystery.

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The Evil We Do To Fit In – sermon video

The beheading of John the Baptist

“Take sides, because neutrality always serves the oppressor and never the oppressed. Your silence will always be interpreted as consent. There is no honor in remaining neutral in matters of ethical importance. Always taking the middle ground doesn’t make you smart, it doesn’t make you fair, it doesn’t make you balanced, and it certainly doesn’t make you innocent.”

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Topics: Ethical Issues. 8 Points: Point 8: Compassion and Selfless Love. Seasons & Special Events: Ordinary Time. Ages: All Ages. Texts: Mark. Resource Types: Sermon Videos, Sermons, and Videos.

Can Non-Liberal Christianity Be Saved?

So the time has come, I think, for Liberal Christians to get excited, to get active, and to get vocal – not just about the contemporary issues of equality and justice that we feel passionate about, but also vocal about the fact that what we stand for is something that has always been a part of Christianity, even if it has sometimes been forced to the fringes.

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“What is our ultimate concern?”

We recognize the depth of love, the grace that held us from our birth, but all too soon we lose our grasp and other things have greater worth.

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Table Prayer for a progressive Christian community

And so we gather at the table. We come from many places, differing in age, differing in race, differing in orientation, politics and even religion.

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Swing Wide The Doors: From Christian Fundamentalism To An Inclusive Spirituality

On this summer Sunday, Mark Andrew Alward shares about his fundamentalist Christian background, which included countless church services and immersing himself in the Christian sub-culture. He shares how, near the end of Bible College, he eventually questioned and then rejected many of the tenets of fundamentalist Christianity. He concludes my sharing a new vision of what Christianity could be today and the beliefs he holds dear.

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How to Catch a Raccoon

Do you know how to catch a raccoon? I mean good old backwoods ingenuity, no guns, no weapons of mass destruction. Well, I didn’t know either, until some years ago…

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8 Points: Point 1: Teachings of Jesus. Seasons & Special Events: Ordinary Time. Resource Types: Readings.


Let us take a short period of silence to reflect on those with whom we need to be reconciled and what action we can take to make this happen.

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8 Points: Point 1: Teachings of Jesus. Texts: Matthew. Prayers: Call to Worship. Resource Types: Prayers.

Prayer to Accept Change

Just when I thought I had it all figured out, Lord,
things change again.
When will I be able to rest
in the comfort of knowing what comes next?

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Topics: Worship & Liturgy. 8 Points: Point 4: Act As We Believe. Seasons & Special Events: Ordinary Time. Resource Types: Prayers.

Some Outrageous Facts about Inequality

Studying inequality in America reveals some facts that are truly hard to believe. Amidst all the absurdity a few stand out.

Total corporate profits for 2011 were $1.97 trillion. Corporations paid $181 billion in federal taxes (9%) and $40 billion in state taxes (2%), for a total tax burden of 11%. The poorest 20% of American citizens pay 17.4% in federal, state, and local taxes.

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Topics: Egalitarianism, Ethical Issues, and Political Concerns. 8 Points: Eight points. Resource Types: Articles.
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