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Giving Thanks for Families

We give thanks for families of all shapes and sizes, which provide such an important basis for love and support in our society.

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Topics: Worship & Liturgy. 8 Points: Point 4: Act As We Believe. Seasons & Special Events: Father's Day and Mother's Day. Resource Types: Affirmations and Prayers.

Mothering Sunday

Today we celebrate mothers in all their diversity:
Mothers who experienced the joy and challenge of pregnancy and childbirth to bring another human being into the world

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Topics: Worship & Liturgy. 8 Points: Point 8: Compassion and Selfless Love. Seasons & Special Events: Mother's Day. Resource Types: Affirmations, Prayers, and Readings.

Two Movements in the Multi-age Life of Faith

A service for all ages

In the young, elders hope for justice.
In elders, the young see the wisdom of faith.

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Topics: Aging and Worship & Liturgy. 8 Points: Point 3: Inclusive Community. Seasons & Special Events: Father's Day and Mother's Day. Ages: All Ages. Resource Types: Full Service Liturgies.

Writing Scripture: History to Story to Theology to New Story; Repeat

Why may the majority of scholars be right, that the Bible is not a reliable book of history, although much of its historical sections are indeed based on actual events and real places in the larger picture?

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Wrestling with Angels: On Taking Risks at 65

Do you imagine yourself at some point in the future radically changed in nature? For instance, you have always been a risk-taker, someone who lives life large but always assumed that by the time you hit 65, you’d be careful and serene? There’s nothing wrong with changing our minds about who we are or want to be: to develop aspects of ourselves that have been neglected in the past. At least in theory. But in reality, on the eve of turning 65 next week, in the midst of a big life transition, I am rethinking some key assumptions I’ve held about who I would be at 65.

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The Gift of Years, Growing Older Gracefully

A Book Review, By Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat

Joan Chittister, who has written many books lamenting what’s missing in American society, now turns her attention to the sad consequences of stereotypes about aging. She posits a different and very inspiring portrait of the gifts, not the lacks, of years.

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The Three Secrets of Aging

The Three Secrets of Aging suggests instead that our final stage of life offers an astounding new evolutionary process: an initiation into an entirely new stage of life, a transformation of self and consciousness, and a revelation of a new – and sacred – world right where we are.

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Finding the Courage to Age

When things get tough, we frankly wonder what kind of courage it will take to grow old and whether we have that courage.

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The Path of Aging

I had no idea, over 30 years ago, what I was getting into when I accepted an invitation by a good friend to attend something called an Enlightenment Intensive. At the time I was getting ready to move with my wife and three-year old daughter to Berkeley, California to attend Pacific School of Religion. Admittedly I was put off a bit by the rather pretentious title of the retreat. However, I decided if my wise friend thought it might be a good experience for me, it was good enough for me. It turned out to be a life changing experience.

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Vision- Cleaning Your Lens

From SoulSeeds.Com

Your vision doesn’t have to be pretty, and it doesn’t have to conform to other peoples’ expectations. It just has to be clear. What if your vision is lost in a blizzard like mind fog? It’s sometimes hard to see past the demands of the moment to imagine life in the future.

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