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Las Vegas, NV, September 07, 2009 –(PR.com)– Spirit Thinking author and emerging spirituality expert Reece W. Manley is on a battle against the far right. “The conservative agenda is really a hate agenda,” says Dr. Manley. “God’s love is open and inclusive. Black, white, gay, straight, Christian, Jew. Many faiths. Many paths. One message,” declares Dr. Manley.

To fight the right and stop the hate Dr. Manley has formed the Spirit Thinking Angel Network which drives the message of Spirit Thinking to those who most need to know God’s inclusive love.

“Obviously, this means the gay and lesbian community and others who are victims of spiritual abuse. Being a spirituality expert is one thing, choosing to fight the right wing is another,” says Rick Setter, President of Advocate USA who owns the Spirit Thinking Series.

Spirit Thinking Angels receive a free copy of both Spirit Thinking: Your Guide to an Enlightened Life and Crossing Twice: Answers from the Source. In addition, Angels are included in special spiritual recognition ceremonies and their gifts are tax deductible.

“If you want to fight the right, and bring God’s love to all, then I encourage you to join the Spirit Thinking Angel Network,” says Dr. Manley. The book Spirit Thinking is available to the public for immediate purchase on Amazon.com.

Dr. Manley makes a special appeal to the GLBT community to act to join the Network. This focuses on making efforts against the infamous hate groups and other organizations, which propagate an anti-gay, pro-exclusion agenda.

“One of the best self-help books on the market. It sustains me throughout my day,” says one Amazon.com reviewer. Other reviews may be submitted online. Full information is available at http://www.spiritthinking.net/ or an Amazon.com by searching for “Reece Manley” as an author.

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    Pacific Book Review – Dr. Gary Sorkin, PhD

    You are now reading a book review.  In your mind you likely hear a voice “reading out loud” these words to yourself. Questions: Who is reading out loud?  Who is the voice reading to?

     Dr. Reece W. Manley takes on the challenge of explaining to yourself just who you are.  He does so with a first hand approach of explaining who he is, and how his mind breaks apart the various “selves” within.  He explains how our spirit-self has an origin but no end, is eternal and transcends the dimensions of life as we know it.  He certainly is qualified in this regard as in his prior literary work, Crossing Twice: Answers from the Source; Dr. Manley provides vivid first-hand detailed descriptions on his crossing over in a near death experience (NDE) from this life into what is beyond, and back.  Having his unique perspective and his unyielding faith in God, Dr. Manley is able to break down the levels of natural thinking – from the “mind-self” to the “spirit-self”.

     On the verge of getting confused with definitions, we all know how the spirit in one’s self can influence the mind of one’s self.  In Spirit Thinking, Dr. Manley teaches, step-by-step, how to use the eternal and powerful spirit-mind to groom the thoughts of the individual to overcome physical and mental obstacles.  Overcoming unthinkable pain, physical conditions, and mental disorders in his life, Dr. Manley has become a “poster child” for survival in his own realm.  He draws upon the inner most spiritual strength and provides ways for others to benefit from his experience. His desire is to benefit others, and he is unselfish in his generosity while talking straight and honestly.

     In an array of creatively designed exercises at the end of the book, Dr. Manley outlines exercises which develop your inner spirit and helps identify the different ways a situation can be viewed.  Cleverly these work-book types of exercises bring to your attention the philosophy of his prior writing, using very easy to understand analogies and hypothetical situations to demonstrate his points.  By being honest with yourself, and writing down your candid thoughts, you will learn by his method things about yourself you might find very insightful and revealing, things you may not have understood before.

     This is more than a book, it’s a course.  The thoughts are more than ideas, they’re a philosophy.  The results are more than ordinary, they are extraordinary.

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