The Challenge of Jesus

With John Dominic Crossan

Dr. Crossan presents his life’s work of exploring the full matrix of Jesus’ own time and place to reveal that historical figure as still-and-ever a challenge for us today.

The curriculum is a broadcast quality 16-session lecture-documentary DVD series, each session 15 to 18 minutes in length. Dr. Crossan lays out the Jesus story in four “lecture-documentary” themes: The World of Jesus, The Life of Jesus, The Death of Jesus, and The Resurrection of Jesus. His work reveals Jesus as a homeland Jew within first-century eschatological Judaism but living an incarnate program of Religion, Non-Violence, Justice, and Peace in resistance to Rome’s virtually irresistible imperial program of Religion, War, Victory and Peace. He presents the Birth, Life, Death and Resurrection of Jesus within the inescapable matrix of the Empire of Rome in its ascendancy. Rome challenges Jesus; Jesus challenges Rome; Jesus challenges us.

The curriculum offers a complete and beautifully illustrated 160-page Readers Guide that provides transcription of my lectures, along with “Discussion Starters” and “Discussion Questions.” It is excellent for use in churches, seminaries, colleges and universities, or small groups.

The DVD series may be purchased here.

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