The Collected Sermons of William Sloan Coffin: The Riverside Years

Legendary William Sloane Coffin’s years at the historic Riverside Church captured in new two-volume collection

Louisville, KY-From 1977 through 1987 William Sloane Coffin was the Senior Minister at the prestigious Riverside Church in New York City, where he preached almost every Sunday. The years were marked by unrest and violence in the Middle East and Latin America, political scandals in the US, extreme poverty in our nation’s cities, the emergence of AIDS, and the continuing need for a strong voice in troubled times.

The Collected Sermons of William Sloane Coffin: The Riverside Years capture the renowned preacher and social activist at work: ministering to American hostages in Iran, supporting AIDS awareness in the early years of the epidemic, and rallying his audiences to battle poverty and fight for nuclear disarmament. All while he maintained the ordinary routine life of the church, celebrated marriages and baptisms, and mourned the loss of loved ones, including his own son, Alex. Every sermon constitutes a powerful reminder of his legacy-challenging the conscience of a nation.

Bill Coffin’s legacy is ministry deeply engaged in the political and social questions of the day. Not only do these sermons illustrate that, they also allow us to see the more personal and pastoral components of his ministry. His astute social criticism, combined with his theologically rich and vibrant language, will ensure that these sermons are treasured for decades to come.

The Reverend William Sloane Coffin stood for half a century as a force for progressive religion in America and in the world. Becoming famous in the 1960’s while leading a very public opposition to the Vietnam War as Chaplain at Yale University, he was indicted by the government in the Benjamin Spock conspiracy trial. He marched alongside Martin Luther King Jr., was jailed as a Freedom Rider, and became one of the most forceful Christian voices in the Civil Rights movement. He was the first President of SANE/FREEZE: Campaign for Global Security and lobbied for nuclear disarmament. Later, he served as Senior Minister of the prestigious Riverside Church in New York City, where he inspired thousands and continued to be a powerful voice for conscience and change.

The Collected Sermons of William Sloane Coffin-The Riverside Years: Volume One
Introduction by Martin E. Marty
978-0-664-23244-3 * hardcover * $49.95 (Available now)
The Collected Sermons of William Sloane Coffin-The Riverside Years: Volume Two
Introduction by Martin E. Marty
978-0-664-23299-3 * hardcover * $49.95 (August 2008)

The Collected Sermons of William Sloane Coffin-The Riverside Years [Set]
Introduction by Martin E. Marty
978-0-664-23300-6 * hardcover * $79.95 (August 2008)


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