The Feast of Our Lives: Re-Imaging Communion

Over 20 years of research went into this book that represents a life-long concern to understand and counter Christianity’s continued reliance on sin, fear, and guilt. By using the lenses of imagination and eucharistic imagery, I present a way of doing theology using Holy Communion as the starting point for Christian ritual and pastoral care in a new millennium. I believe Christianity needs to free itself from its medieval captivity and re-form itself by fostering communities of accountability and well-being where sin and suffering are seen as the twin evils of our time. I also believe that building communities of well-being in practice not just in name is central to the teachings of Jesus and his welcoming table-fellowship. I hope you will find this book both affirming and challenging, and I look forward to dialoguing with you over the mutual matters of concern that form the heart of my work.

- J. Goudey (

Topics: Worship & Liturgy. Resource Types: Books.

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