The Sound that Calls Us

A responsive reading

One         What is the sound that calls us?  Listen carefully.

Many     The beating of our own hearts calls us to ourselves.  It calls us to be our true selves,
our best selves.     Calls us to be what we might become.

One         The breath of our neighbor calls us outside ourselves.  It calls us to be companions, allies, partners.

Many     Let us heed the call of our own hearts, where love and truth, compassion and justice are born.

One         Let us heed the call of others, to gather together for some great purpose, where passion and fidelity, truth and equality are nourished.

Many     The silence calls us together that we may do the work we cannot do alone.

All           Let us heed the calls that come in the silence, that we may be well, and do good
in this world together.  Amen.


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