When I Pretend

From the ‘Sing Young, Sing Joyfully’ collection

1. When I pretend that I’m a seed,

A seed lying in the soil,

The seed and I are one.

When I pretend that I’m a plant,

A plant living out its life,

The plant and I are one,

The plant and I are one.


2. When I pretend that I’m a star,

A star shining in the sky,

The star and I are one.

When I connect with your deep pain,

My heart hurting as you hurt,

Our sorrow is as one,

Our sorrow is as one.


3. When I unite with you in joy,

My heart laughing as you laugh,

Our happiness is one.

When all this happens, it’s great fun,

Great fun being only one,

Instead of being two!

Instead of being two!


Text and Music © William Livingstone Wallace

Harmony by Francis Dennis

Click here to hear this song:  Wallace.When I Pretend

Click here to see the score:  Wallace.When I Pretend

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