Without Doubt, Beyond Meaning

What is my reality?
Let doubts be cleared


Faith seeks insights whose truth bring freedom


When I struggle with preferences

The great way blurs


Hope unwraps positive insights


If I allow their insights to open

The great way clears


Dependable insights illuminate reason


As I cease struggle

The great way simplifies

Revere insights; enjoy wisdom


While I relinquish clamor

The great way sings its silence


Wisdom is harmony


I linger in serene resonation

Where what is embraces what is not:

Urges do not distract me

Choices do not beguile me

Delicate configurations permeate serenity


Peace is within


In devotion, I am awake.


Do nothing, think nothing


© Richard Holdsworth 2012

Topics: Spiritual Exploration & Practice and Worship & Liturgy. Seasons & Special Events: All Seasons. Resource Types: Meditations and Poetry.

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