“Where Does Jesus Live?”

Where does this Jesus live? Where does he stay?
Are gospel stories right in what they say?
We wish to know where Jesus spends the night.
‘Nowhere to lay his head’ – Could this be right?

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Look at me! Check it out! I am grinning like a kid again!
I am one with the world in a flow of wonder!
Land, sea and sky join in my delight

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In the beginning, no-one could understand…

or, How Logos Found a Vehicle

In the beginning, was Logos.
Logos – logic – reason – demonstration – Logos the Word:
But Logos could not be heard.

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Working Together

We know it won’t be easy to turn the world around
We know it will take time to climb to higher ground

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Psalm 22

Oh, vacant sky! Oh, empty land!
Oh heart of mine, bereft of hope!
Why do I even bother crying? What’s the use
Of even complaining? When there is no one to hear
And no one to see my tears?

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Religion and Violence

World religions foster justice,
Teach of wisdom to pursue;
Why then is there so much malice
In what some believers do?

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Without Doubt, Beyond Meaning

What is my reality?
Let doubts be cleared

Faith seeks insights whose truth bring freedom
When I struggle with preferences

The great way blurs
Hope unwraps positive insights

If I allow their insights to open

The great way clears

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The Universe in God

All creation sings a story
Of great splendours to declare;
When we contemplate its beauty
We are called forth into prayer.
We, enchanted, stand in silence;
God discovered everywhere.

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After Weeks of Reading Spong

Lord Jesus, whom we call Christ, hear our prayer:
We have finished the book. Were you here, reading over our shoulders? Listening to our comments? What do you think?

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Responsive Reading

One: God of many names and faces, we have come together for a little while; some to worship, some to lay down burdens, some to find a moment of rest.

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Prayer for Light

O God
We have said, “Your word is a lamp for our feet, a light for our path.” Sometimes it seems more like a flickering candle.

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Eternal Fury Fires the Saints

Eternal fury fires the saints,
who shake and rattle, push and shove,
who challenge every bland excuse,
who seek for justice, work for love.

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