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Palm Passion

Palm Sunday and Passion Sunday… a worship service from Soul Link Faith Community, a new church plant in Mansfield PA. The pastor’s story follows the order of worship.

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Topics: Worship & Liturgy. Seasons & Special Events: Easter and Lent. Rituals: Lent. Resource Types: Full Service Liturgies.

“Thine Is the Glory”

Lo! Christ is with us, risen from the tomb;
Love for one another, conquers hopeless doom;
Let the church with gladness, hymns of joy now sing:
For with Christ arisen, death hath lost its sting.

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Topics: Worship & Liturgy. Seasons & Special Events: Easter. Resource Types: Hymns.

John Mark: A Gospel Novel

JOHN MARK, the gospel novel written by Christopher Epting, came to life in Jerusalem. While on a sabbatical there at St. George’s College, he felt inspired to enter more deeply into the biblical story by focusing his mind and heart on the very first gospel ever to be written, the one attributed to St. Mark. But who was this Saint? And how did he come to create a literary masterpiece that would open the door for others, for Matthew, Luke and John, to follow?

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Topics: Jesus Studies. 8 Points: Point 1: Teachings of Jesus. Seasons & Special Events: Easter. Ages: Young Adult. Texts: Mark. Rituals: Lent. Resource Types: Books.

Namaste Easter Liturgy

Welcome to the liturgy of The Namaste Church!
We proclaim and celebrate this Easter season because it links Jesus with all life, with transformation, and with possibility of life beyond our imagining. Easter offers meaning and hope to all people.

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Topics: Worship & Liturgy. Seasons & Special Events: Easter. Rituals: Lent. Resource Types: Full Service Liturgies.

Let Us Overcome

An Easter Litany

The celebration of Easter is the acknowledgement of the power of the divine spirit working through us to transform the most negative of situations. Let us commit ourselves to overcoming hate with love.

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Topics: Worship & Liturgy. 8 Points: Point 4: Act As We Believe. Seasons & Special Events: Easter. Prayers: Invocation. Resource Types: Prayers.

Theology from Exile: Commentary on the Revised Common Lectionary for an Emerging Christianity: The Year of Luke

The Year of Luke is the first in a series of commentaries on biblical scripture found in the three-year cycle of Christian liturgical readings of the Revised Common Lectionary. Instead of interpreting these readings as a precursor …

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The Geology of Love

It was carved with hand tools on a rough slab of native red rock: “Marcelito L. Baca – murio a la edad de 17 dias (died at the age of 17 days) – 1919”. It was planted …

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Messiah’s Resurrection and Messianic Jewish Belief

I’ve titled this as about the Resurrection, which is just one part of a complex of beliefs… but let’s return and end there… What similarities or differences do you see in Paul’s Resurrection statements and beliefs and those of the early Jerusalem Jesus-followers?

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A Nonviolent Army–A Sermon

Nonviolence requires training. It requires the humility to take correction from someone you can trust to see your shadow better than you do. It also requires you to forgive yourself when you give in to the violence crouching at the door, and keep at it. Don’t give up on nonviolence.

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Easter and Death

But Easter invites us to a radical new perspective. What has to die? Everything! Our roles, our identities, all of who we believe we are, personally, culturally, socially, even spiritually. It all has to go!

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Assuming the World Has Not Ended: 5th Sunday in Eastertide

Harold Camping says that the rapture described in 1 Thessalonias 4 will occur on May 21, 2011, and that God will destroy the entire Universe on October 21, 2011.  Unlike John the Baptist and Jesus, Camping offers no chance for salvation.

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