Another Reason for Women in Church Leadership

It does mean that each gender should recognize that their opposite may have a naturally different way of perceiving and weighing things and not label it as either inferior or superior but as something to be understood and learned from. This, I believe, provides one of many good reasons for society and its institutions, including religions, to actively seek ways to include women at all levels of leadership and decision-making.

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Who Is God and How Do We Know?

God is persuasive love, containing but somehow still beyond all that we can grasp, and within whom “we live and move and have our being.”

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What Should Churches Be About?

Whatever paradigm a community may favor (or more than one among community members), the core of Christian faith and what Jesus emphasized — the centrality of love in action — can be the community emphasis as well.

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Dark Knights — How Spiritual Communities Could Help

The recent horrible shooting incident at a premier showing of “The Dark Knight Rises” in Colorado has focused attention, once again, on some aspects of what has gone wrong when a person takes such a violent and antisocial turn.

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The Evil We Do To Fit In – sermon video

The beheading of John the Baptist

“Take sides, because neutrality always serves the oppressor and never the oppressed. Your silence will always be interpreted as consent. There is no honor in remaining neutral in matters of ethical importance. Always taking the middle ground doesn’t make you smart, it doesn’t make you fair, it doesn’t make you balanced, and it certainly doesn’t make you innocent.”

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How to Catch a Raccoon

Do you know how to catch a raccoon? I mean good old backwoods ingenuity, no guns, no weapons of mass destruction. Well, I didn’t know either, until some years ago…

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Prayer to Accept Change

Just when I thought I had it all figured out, Lord,
things change again.
When will I be able to rest
in the comfort of knowing what comes next?

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The Foolishness of Jesus

Wisdom & Foolishness in the Perennial Tradition

Wisdom is often mistaken as knowledge, prudence or pragmatism; whereas foolishness is equally regarded sometimes to be the kind of fool-hearted thing Jesus would have characteristically espoused with many of his confounding ideas about God, God’s ways and how we ought to treat one another. Truth be told, there are plenty of people who consider themselves much too smart to take seriously some of the darn fool things Jesus actually said and meant. But Jesus was no ordinary fool. A Words and Ways Commentary by John Bennison.

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Prayer for the Sinned Against

Abiding Spirit, you know us, and all of your Creation, better than we know ourselves.

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Who can know the different pathways

A Hymn- Tune: HYFRYDOL

Who can know the different pathways
that have brought us to this day,
sharp felt scars, forgotten mem’ries
words affirm, or facts betray?

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A Litany for Forgiveness for Prejudice

Based on the Writings of Howard Thurman

It lurks in the shadows, hidden from our vision;
It lurks in the shadows, often disguised with patronizing deeds;
It lurks in the shadows, maintaining our separation.

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Blessing of a child

The Blessing of Sophie Thompson Steel

A “christening” type of ceremony for a family that did not want to use traditional baptism terminology.

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