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Christmas Prayer: Emmanuel, God is with Us

We rejoice that Jesus led people to discover the sacred in the ordinary: in the crowd, in the lowly, in the everyday life, in human yearnings to be better people, and in being neighbor to one another.

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When prayers were words

I felt like

I was failing

a sentence prayer exam.

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No one can share my inner space

From the Boundless Life collection

No one can share my inner space;
There I am alone, yet not alone,
For you are there, O God,
Deeper than my thinking,

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God beyond, God between, God within – a Trinity

Introduction In my faith journey, I have struggled with the concept of the Trinity. Like many other followers of Jesus I suspect, I have lived for many years with questions, even misgivings, about this doctrine. The orthodox …

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Reimagining God: The Faith Journey of a Modern Heretic

Drawing from theology, science and his own faith journey-from his call to ministry, through his much-publicized heresy trial, to decades of public speaking, teaching and writing, Geering retraces key developments in the Western understanding of God. He imagines a new spirituality, one that blends a relationship to the natural world with a celebration of the rich inheritance of human culture.

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Does the Bible teach “The Secret”?

A few years back a book called The Secret took the world by storm, and it is still prominently displayed on the shelves of most bookstores today. The message of the book was to invoke the laws of attraction and intention to attain the life and circumstances that we desired. And because of the books popularity I was compelled to grab a copy to see what all the hype was about. As I was reading it I wondered how a book could really promise those kinds of results, and why so many people were swearing by its results. And then it hit me that the best selling book in the history of the world really isn’t all that different. And this got me to wondering if Jesus and King David may have been teaching us this same “secret” thousands of years prior?

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Most Holy Presence

An anthem in four parts

Most Holy Presence, fount of all becoming,
in you we live and move and have our being.

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Our Eternal Life

Our eternal life which is in all creation
Holy, Holy, Holy is your name

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Come Together and Act

Every living being on this planet and indeed this universe is interconnected in a deep and meaningful way. We are literally made of the stars, we breathe the air that the trees cleanse for us, and we are in a symbiotic relationship with every creature in this web of life.

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Moon to Earth – A Cosmic Perspective

This cosmic vision changes everything. The incredible thing is that from the moon, you don’t see people and animals and plants as if they are separate, you see patterns of light and shade. You see one small and fragile ball hanging like a mobile over a baby’s crib. It’s all one and not fragmented into human needs and earth needs. The needs are one and the same. Viewed from outer space, the borders between countries, the distinction between human and non human, rich and poor, man and woman, all become trivial.

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Nobodys Fault But Mine- by Rising Appalachia- Music Video

Nobody’s Fault But Mine is old well known blues-gospel song. In honor of all the mothers and in honor that all of us can continue to carry music in such a spirit.

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