Change From the Inside Out

Imagine being truly happy, inside and out. Why not?
Imagine being completely at peace with yourself and the world. Why not?
Imagine living a life that matches your highest vision. Why not?
Imagine changing destructive habits with ease and replacing them with life affirming activities that fill your life with meaning. Why not?

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Back to the Source: The Spiritual Principles Of Jesus

Dr. Mic Hunter has spent years assisting people with diverse backgrounds to identify, develop, and apply their spirituality. In his most recent book he focuses on the original principles taught by Jesus without attention to the miraculous aspects of the stories usually associated with him. 

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Call to OCCUPY

For the Honolulu OCCUPY movement 2012- sung to Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony

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A mystical message for Chanukah from Rabbi Zalman Schachter Shalomi

The great broadcast of divine indwelling which beams to the human heart, his inner sanctuary, a hologram of the cosmic Temple, is a receiver. It therefore also depends on our attunement to receive the broadcast.

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Vigil for Healing and Peace in the Spirit of Taize

This worship service combines the contemplative spirit of Taizé chant with the Celtic liturgy of the Iona Community.

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The Coming of Jesus – An Answer to Prayer?

A look at how Christians today still want the kind of physical power Messiah that the Jews hoped for and who will change the world for us, when the actual need is for a spiritual change within ourselves and for us to respond to a vision and a challenge.

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Love Breathing

A free ebook, “Love Breathing” is available at
It relates methods to help people practice loving God better in their daily life.

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God Dissolves into the Occupy Movement

Saturday’s surge of Occupy actions around the globe could be a turning point, a hinge moment, as occupiers in over a hundred American cities feel the power of worldwide welcome and affirmation. There is obviously more to …

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A Word to the Spiritual Seekers: The New Story

A New Story is beginning to emerge, the foundation of which is The Universe Story. You are a child of the Universe. Everyone of whatever race, colour or creed is a child of the Universe. It is the great uniting story, of which I have written many times.

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There’s no such thing as coincidence.

It's just the secret meaning making itself known.

It is my opinion that the current changes are moving us toward a spiritual awakening, a way of being never before experienced on earth. Something new is coming into existence. We are giving birth, with all its birthing pains, to a Mystery much greater than ourselves.

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Moving Heaven and Hell

Regarding Heaven and Hell; Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp, or what’s a heaven for? – Robert Browning. An evangelical pastor of a mega-church, Rob Bell, creates a stir when he writes a little book, suggesting when it comes to a place called heaven, there’s room for everyone. What the hell?

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