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Moving Toward Christ Consciousness

When we needed the outer form of a savior You were there for us.
When our conscious mind matures we turn within rather than without

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Bending the Arc of Time Towards Justice- Sermon Video

CCC Springfield

Published on Jun 30, 2013 Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg described the Supreme Court’s 5-4 majority decision to remove vital Voting Rights Act provisions as moving against Martin Luther King Jr’s famous claim that the arc of time is …

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Why And How To Meditate (In Only A Few Minutes)

I’ve been told prayer is when we talk to God and meditation is when we listen. While I don’t expect God to say “Hello, here’s the answer,” I believe in developing this listening channel with God, which guides us to take good and godly spiritual action. It gives us a feeling deep within our hearts to guide us between right and wrong in our daily lives.

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Clear Faith: Clearing Away Stumbling Blocks for a Faith that Makes Sense

Are you disillusioned by some aspects of Christianity, like having to believe the right things to “get saved”? Like the idea that an all-loving God would sentence anyone to hell? Like understanding an often contradictory Bible? Then meet CLEAR FAITH. Clear away those stumbling blocks to uncover a faith of your own that makes sense. Meet the Jesus we can truly call “brother.” By seeing with new eyes, through a clear lens, we can experience and live with a simple, straightforward faith that is globally inclusive, open, and compatible with a progressive, scientific worldview.

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Blamed It On – Music Video

Max Ribner Band

I blamed it on my brother, I blamed it on my sister, I blamed it on my father, I blamed it on my mother. Forgot about my individuality.
Release the fear, the beginning is near. Reflect peace, joy, happiness and bliss.
Find your spirit, find your gods.
In demand for equality. Hold your fist up high, right now is the time to unify.
I know the cure is being pure.
Feel the force, earth wind water fire, gonna take you higher.

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Wisdom and (or is it ‘vs’?) Religion- sermon video

Community Christian Church

The ancient Jews revered wisdom but in our times it often seems religion actually reveres ignorance. This is a crucial aspect of progressive Christianity- we are willing to start a church that rejected all forms of magic or superstition in favor for a fact based spirituality.

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