More Than Chains and Toil: A Christian Work Ethic of Enslaved Women

Examines the roles, lives, and philosophies of life of the African-American slave woman during the period of slavery in the United States and later. Dr. Martin, a Presbyterian minister, describes and dissects how the Christian religion of the slaveowner was used (and abused) by him to control his slaves, but also demonstrates how the slave women (and men) found in the same Christianity the key to their survival.

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Nickle and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America

Anyone who cares at all about economic justice must read Barbara Ehrenreich’s account of trying to support herself on low wage jobs:

“The worst, for some reason, are the Visible Christians–like the ten-person table, all jolly and sanctified after Sunday night service, who run me mercilessly and then leave me $1 on a $92 bill.”

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Earth Heroes: Champions of the Wilderness

The Earth Heroes books feature the youth, careers and lasting contributions of some of the world’s greatest naturalists and environmentalists. This is the first in a series of meticulously researched books that introduces influential people involved in the preservation of wild places to upper elementary and middle school children.

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