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A Prayer for the Grieving

May the Love of those with dear ones lost
Be strong.

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A Prayer for Those Struggling with Addiction

We pray for those who are struggling with addiction,
Filling their void with more emptiness.
May they find the pure Fullness that is God.

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Money in Trust and a Failed First Harvest – Lammas 2012

Jesus’ parables tell us how use our creativity to subvert the putative rulers of Earth. Jesus got into trouble for suggesting that the way to assure that all of the people have food to eat is to share whatever they have. And don’t assume that your traditional enemy has no soul. The very powers that are supposed to have your best interest at heart will pass you by on the other side of the road while you die in the ditch (“The Good Samaritan” Luke 10:30-35). To love your enemies is to have no enemies.

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A Credo for Progressive Christians

We worship and adore God,
source, essence, and aim of all things,
spirit that enlivens all beings.

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A Doxology, A Prayer

(Sung to the traditional tune)

Praise God for love in all its forms

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“We commit ourselves to lives of compassion”

Group reading…a commitment to live as compassionate beings.

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Olympic Prayer

Eternal God, Giver of joy and source of all strength, we pray for those who prepare for the London Olympic and Paralympic Games. For the competitors training for the Games and their loved ones, For the many …

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Unity in Diversity

We affirm our common humanity with all human beings and our commitment to truly value each person regardless of how different they are from us. All: We celebrate our unity in our diversity   We acknowledge that …

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The Uncertainty-Driven Life

Wandering, I stumbled upon my purpose,
Adrift, I made port,
Unbidden, love arrived,
Asleep, I learned my lesson,
In silence, notes danced across my score,
Dreaming, my problems solved themselves.

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“Lift high the banner”

Lift high the banner of these games, in this Olympic year, that as we forge relationships, respect might cast out fear.

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“Where there is compassion and love, there is God”

“Ubi caritas et amor, Deus ibi est.” A Taize chant is incorporated into a opening invocation

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Progressive Christianity and Prayer

Fred Plumer, President of, talks about the place of prayer within the progressive Christian movement.

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“What is our ultimate concern?”

We recognize the depth of love, the grace that held us from our birth, but all too soon we lose our grasp and other things have greater worth.

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Table Prayer for a progressive Christian community

And so we gather at the table. We come from many places, differing in age, differing in race, differing in orientation, politics and even religion.

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Episcopal Church Approves Transgender People Ordination

The Episcopal Church on Monday overwhelmingly voted to allow the ordination of transgender people. At its triennial General Convention in Indianapolis, the church House of Deputies approved a change to the “nondiscrimination canons” to include “gender identity …

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Prayer to Accept Change

Just when I thought I had it all figured out, Lord,
things change again.
When will I be able to rest
in the comfort of knowing what comes next?

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Rooted in Detachment: Living the Transfiguration (Cistercian Studies)

New Testament scholars continue to probe into its origins and significance, but–with the exceptions of John Anthony McGuckin’s 1986 patristic study and the late Arthur Michael Ramsey’s 1949 theological-liturgical treatment–there have been few books on its place in the long tradition of Christian spirituality or interpretation, Eastern or Western.

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