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Prayer for the Sinned Against

Abiding Spirit, you know us, and all of your Creation, better than we know ourselves.

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Who can know the different pathways

A Hymn- Tune: HYFRYDOL

Who can know the different pathways
that have brought us to this day,
sharp felt scars, forgotten mem’ries
words affirm, or facts betray?

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The Underground Church: Reclaiming the Subversive Way of Jesus

A new way to follow Jesus that draws on old ways of following Him

The Underground Church proposes that the faithful recapture the spirit of the early church with its emphasis on what Christians do rather than what they believe. Prominent progressive writer, speaker, and minister Robin Meyers proposes that the best way to recapture the spirit of the early Christian church is to recognize that Jesus-following was and must be again subversive in the best sense of the word because the gospel taken seriously turns the world upside down.

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A Litany for Forgiveness for Prejudice

Based on the Writings of Howard Thurman

It lurks in the shadows, hidden from our vision;
It lurks in the shadows, often disguised with patronizing deeds;
It lurks in the shadows, maintaining our separation.

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Water Into Wine

You are a jar of water. The Christ is turning you into wine right now. You don’t know how. I don’t know how. I daresay Jesus didn’t know how either. Stuff is going on in that jar of yours that nobody can explain.

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We Are All Mystics: Exploring the Frontiers of Progressive Spirituality

To be a progressive Christian involves affirming “God in all things and all things in God.” Progressive theology asserts that we live in a lively, evolving, and visionary universe in which God’s presence touches every moment and every life.

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Progressive Christianity, Mysticism, and Healing

I believe that progressive Christians need to reclaim and redefine the healings of Jesus as part of their embrace of today’s growing movements in global and complementary medicine. Healing can be understood as natural, rather than supernatural, and can involve the transformation of energy in the dynamic interdependence of mind-body-spirit rather than the violation of predictable causal relationships.

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Christ? What Happened to Jesus?

We are so accustomed to the name “Jesus Christ”,  and to using the word “Christ” in place of “Jesus”, that it seems unthinkable to question whether we should continue to link “Christ” with Jesus. Even though the …

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Oneness with Divinity

A Vacation in Provence, France

When my wife and I made plans to visit Provence, France along with two dear friends this spring, I anticipated a true vacation of rest and relaxation, good conversation, good food and lots of great wine…away from emails and phone calls. I did not plan to even think about Progressive Christianity or any Christianity for that matter. I should have known that my life does not work that way for three different and conflicting experiences changed my plans. Admittedly, I was a little ignorant of the rich and deep Christian history in the Provence area of France.

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Beyond Theology

This ten-part series of half-hour programs (3-DISC DVD) explores the notion that the guiding mythologies of modern civilization are undergoing a metamorphosis of historic significance.

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Prayer for creation

Creator God, may we live in harmony with all of creation. “As the swift seasons roll,” May we daily heal our world, both her peoples and all that share life upon her. And in healing, may we …

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Feast of the Common Table

A small table with an unlit candle
sits in the center of an open space.
Those who have come to The Feast
form a circle around the table.

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Summer Solstice Ritual

Honoring Nature’s Abundance; Remembering Celtic Spirituality

Mother of all life, soul of our being, center of all our longing,
who shines for all and flows through all,
be with us, guide us, now and always

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Blessing of a child

The Blessing of Sophie Thompson Steel

A “christening” type of ceremony for a family that did not want to use traditional baptism terminology.

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Mother us gently, Father us lightly

“Mother us gently, Father us lightly, God of our being, ground of our care…”

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Amen: What Prayer Can Mean in a World Beyond Belief

In Amen, Gretta Vosper, United Church minister and author of the controversial bestseller With or Without God, offers us her deeply felt examination of worship beyond conventional prayer, a new tradition built on love and respect rather than on the rituals of ancient beliefs.

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