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Confessing Christianity’s Corporate Sin Against the Jewish People- Sermon Video

A supersessionist view of the Christian covenant might have made some little sense in a mythic worldview, but never made any moral sense. The time has long since come for Christians to drop such an arrogant claim. It has contributed to extraordinary suffering and eroded any moral authority we might think we have. In that sense, it never made any just sense of the work of God we’ve come to know in Jesus Christ.

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Process Philosophy, The Three Faces of God, and the Trinity- Sermon Video

What does the Doctrine of the Trinity look like if we reject the idea that it describes a permanent unchanging God? It describes a God as close as your breath, a God whose creative power continues to create, a God who we can see incarnate all around us.

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Is Our Faith Enough to Sustain Us Through the Darkness?

First Presbyterian Church of San Rafael Published on Oct 15, 2013 Rev. Sam Alexander is Pastor of First Presbyterian Church of San Rafael. He is a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College, B.A., and Union Seminary in Virginia, …

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Why a Girl and a Woman?- Sermon Video

Two healing stories intertwined, both involve females, both involve the number 12 – which brings the Reign of God to mind. What does it mean that it was women in this story. Surely it can’t just mean, as some have said, (though not this way), that the gospel is for girls too.

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Communion Invitation

All are invited to the communion table were we celebrate Jesus’ understanding of life and death. He broke the bread, symbolizing that all of life comes to us in broken pieces. Some waste their lives cursing the brokenness. Jesus wanted his disciples to know that by embracing the brokenness, we find ourselves more fully alive.

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Monthly eBulletin- New Starts

Toward the end of 2013 many of us had a strong sense of shedding, releasing, and letting go. There was sickness, death, closing of chapters, ends, silence, and darkness… Now, as we begin this new year, we find our selves in a time of New Birth and New Ways. Join us on this journey into Newness and Co-Creation.

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God’s Dearest Work of Art

God’s dearest work of art
we long have called the heart,
The depth within from which begin
the prayers that we impart.

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Sung to the traditional tune

Praise God who gives us life to live
Praise God who calls us all to give
Praise God whose image we all bear
Praise God whose love we now can share

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Topics: Arts and Music and Worship & Liturgy. Seasons & Special Events: All Seasons. Resource Types: Chants and Hymns.

Eternal Journey

As the crimson flame of life
Breaks slowly
Above the horizon,
The white, frosted meadows,

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