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Evolving or Not

A significant number of scholars and commentators are celebrating the dying of what they believe has been and remains a detrimental institution for our society. They often point to the absence of religion in Europe. They note how those countries have aggressively built public institutions for the support of their citizens in need. In some ways, one could argue they have become more Christian in their public actions than the United States.

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God Is Seen Anew

1. God is at hand. A babe is born;
Proclaimed to be ‘The Light’;
With every morn
New light brings dawn:
And God is seen anew;
And God is seen anew;
And God, and God is seen anew.

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Topics: Arts and Music and Worship & Liturgy. Seasons & Special Events: Advent and Christmas. Resource Types: Hymns.

Advent Candles

Light four candles (Hope, Faith, Joy and Love) as we wait the arrival of Jesus

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Topics: Worship & Liturgy. Seasons & Special Events: Advent. Resource Types: Readings.

The Virgin Monologue

“‘God did it’ isn’t an explanation,” said Joseph.
He got no account for the baby’s chromosomes,
No description of the mechanism that
Transmuted the divine shadow into royal blood.

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Topics: Devotional, Fiction and Poetry, and Worship & Liturgy. 8 Points: Point 8: Compassion and Selfless Love. Seasons & Special Events: Advent and Christmas. Resource Types: Poetry and Readings.

Naked in Church

I have many “naked” dreams, easily explained because I sleep in the buff. That may be T.M.I., but it lessens attempts to over-psychologize these dreams, though much could be made of an introvert having such dreams! Of course, I have dreams about being naked in church as well. And it always seems normal and I am unashamed, but sometimes think perhaps I should be, because I am the only one in the nude.

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Where Will the Church Go Next?

I offer that the literal interpretation of this story, being a myth, represents an interpretation of a truth that constitutes one of the most powerful paradigms in history since it is the foundation of the entire Muslim and Judeo-Christian religions. And Paul’s allegorical interpretation (another myth) obliterates God’s justification for the existence of the Muslim religion – a monumental feat. So, which myth deserves to exist? Only the one that serves as a long-term bond to a civilization, which both do. Yet Paul’s myth interpretation of the Muslim faith did not take, while the Muslim myth did.

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What do We do When We Gather as a Community? – Sermon Video

We are believers in Jesus Christ who accept all people without judgment and who desire to work and worship as a community striving for social justice.

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Oh essence of all that is worthy of praise, teach us to be grateful for our blessings; help us grow in compassion toward those less fortunate than ourselves, and draw us closer together in the generosity of your Grace.

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Yours the Praise

Fire who burns inside the mountain
Earth who feeds the trees
Sea who sprays up like a fountain
Wind who sighs the leaves

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Topics: Worship & Liturgy. 8 Points: Point 7: Integrity of the Earth. Resource Types: Chants, Hymns, and Poetry.

Praise the Universal Spirit

Praise the universal Spirit,
Present as we draw each breath,
Live and move and have our being,
Pass at length the gate of death.

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