Global Ministries University Offers Contemporary Theology

Global Ministries University is a unique university that offers nondenominational Christian theology, that is, theological training that does not require a belief in certain tenets. GMU embraces a vision of inclusiveness which honors the sacred in all religions and spiritual traditions.

Recently a Master of Theology in Contemporary Christianity degree was introduced, a program that is ideal for the progressive Christian.  Its curriculum consists of modern research, giving students the opportunity to study the latest information related to the historical Jesus and how and when the New Testament was written.  Courses include:

  • Fundamental issues of Christian faith in the context of today’s understanding of the beginnings of the universe, based on Michael Morwood’s book, Is Jesus God?
  • A compelling view of how the Gospels were written, based on John Shelby Spong’s book, Liberating the Gospels
  • A study of creation spirituality, based on the books of Matthew Fox

Applicants have the opportunity to be awarded credit for prior learning and life experience.  The course work is completed with an independent study method, which means that a student who can work on assignments aggressively could earn a degree in a remarkably short period of time.  On the other hand, a student that has a busy lifestyle is able to fit assignments into their schedule without rigid deadlines.

For further information, visit their web site: www.Global Ministries or call their toll-free: 866 419-8020.

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