Call for Papers

All interested ministers, teachers, authors, and independent scholars may submit a paper for presentation no later than April 15, 2010. Opportunities for students enrolled in classes will be provided in accordance with the quality and number of submissions.

Submissions are encouraged for paper presentations including but not limited to the following themes: the sources and origins of code-based or allegorical interpretation Bible interpretation, Bible scholarship techniques of the early founders of New Thought, Bible interpretation for the 21st century, methodology for allegorical Bible exegesis, or how Christian are New Thought Bible teachings?

We discourage Bible story interpretations or illustrations of traditional understanding. We are interested in discovering new methodologies to bring our personal understanding and revelation into alignment with academic standards and practice.

Please submit a 250-word abstract and a one-page resume for each paper to Rev. Margo Ruark at All materials should be submitted electronically as downloadable attachments, in Microsoft Word format to Rev. Margo Ruark. Authors will be notified of acceptance by April 30, 2010. Questions may be directed to Rev. Margo Ruark at 708-749-8888 or Rev. Dr. Anna Price, Provost/Academic Dean, Johnnie Colemon Theological Seminary at 305-624-4991 or

Submission of an abstract indicates that the individual listed as the presenting author will complete the registration including fee ($45), attend the meeting, and present the paper if the abstract is accepted. The number of finalists invited to present their papers will not exceed 15.

Rev. Dr. Mary Tumpkin, President, Johnnie Colemon Theological Seminary says,
The message of Practical Christianity is one of the best kept secrets around.  It is time for the secret to be shouted from the roofs and within the halls of academia.  Such subjects as Allegorical Interpretation of the Bible have been left to skeptical speculation.  Yet its roots go deep into the history of Christianity and continue to be practiced within the New Thought Christian Movement.  This institution will produce a methodology that meets the critical standards of scholarship and equips qualified practitioners.

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